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I tried parallel parking tonight when my already-fucked up catalytic converter came loose as I tried backing over this foot-high snow ridge a plow truck left. This pisses me off because I saw the fuckin ridge and I knew I shouldn't have done it because I know the safe height of my car's underbody. I was just tired and desperate for a close space. My catalytic converter has been fucked up since over a year ago when I was driving on Blue Star Hwy in Michigan when I drove through a snow drift which tore it away it from the exhaust system and dragged the thing a half mile before I pulled over and saw that it was on the ground and had a hole torn in it from dragging on pavement, and I've had to reattach it a few times since, but until tonight it's been over a year since it came loose.

This hole is actually why my fucking hybrid car has not been getting the gas mileage it should be getting. When my car's catalytic converter gets warm it is supposed to switch to electric drive, and because MY car's catalytic converter has a hole torn in it the engine gets warm less quickly. And I haven't yet dealt with that.

My car is parked well enough to where I can wait until morning to investigate the exhaust, like I'm REALLY looking forward to doing that. I was going to write about better things tonight, like the fact that my friend Mickey Massacre wants to rid me of my old half-stack for a decent price, but now I can't think of anything else except that my car and snow are assholes and I want to kill them. It's supposed to be a warmer temperature tomorrow (30 degrees) so hopefully I'll be able to reattach my exhaust with minor difficulty before I get to doing things I have planned. And that will probably involve shovels and salt. And gloves I don't have. And a hat. Serves me right for waiting until denial reaches the you're-a-retard stage for buying new winter gear.

Also I got another parking ticket tonight. I laughed when I saw it. Apparently there are arctic meter maids who feed on ice and contempt for nourishment. I'm Elwood Blues with this shit. I'm actually grateful that my car isn't booted considering how many orange envelopes I've ignored. Who knows, it'll probably get booted tomorrow.

Psst, hey City of Chicago, there's some revenue and angst you might be interested in collecting which is parked along the north end of Mozart Park.

I still have to get my brother a gift and my little nephew Riley some Matchbox cars for Christmas. Also there's a blizzard coming over the lake which will make travel shitty. But Uncle Mike will make it to Michigan even if he has bomb his car, hitchhike to Target, buy your Matchbox cars and take the South Shore line into Michigan City and get someone to pick him up at the station.

Did I mention I also have to pack and move this week on a deadline and have to deal with landlords who are being flaky and not calling me back? You'd think that would be my hot issue. My beat-up RAZR is on silent and awaiting patiently atop my composure and dirty bedside laundry.

I forgot to buy juice for the morning.

Fucking holidays.
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