Michael Brown (abrasive_mantra) wrote,
Michael Brown

plush toy happenstance

During my brief return to Seattle this summer I came across a stuffed puppy in my dumpster. Yesterday when taking out the trash I saw another, larger and happier-looking stuffed puppy in my trash bin, just as I threw a wine bottle on top of it. Today when gathering laundry I accidentally threw in a stuffed Garfield doll, which I bought at a Cracker Barrel with Katie somewhere in southern Illinois, which I accidentally kicked across the basement.

OKAY LIFE, I get the hint and all, but I'm already pretty intuitive, I don't need these forced physical metaphors for loss of innocence. Unless I'm in some noir film and don't know it.
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Seriously though..whats with all the stuffed animals in your trash cans?
Maybe I have a stalker lady who wants to send me cute things and thinks my trash is a mailbox? I should check for chocolates next time.