Michael Brown (abrasive_mantra) wrote,
Michael Brown

black ice

A couple of days ago my friend Pat called me while I was walking down the street in Wicker Park. He was about to come over and hang out, but I knew the weather got bad in those two hours. This was our conversation:

Me: "Be careful, there's a lot of black ice on the road."
What he heard: "Be careful, there's a lot of black guys on the road."

So he goes "???" and I'm about to correct him when this homeless black guy aggressively approaches me while I'm still on the phone. He shakes my hand, points at the shitty late night hot dog stand nearby, claims that I bought him a cheeseburger last week and starts telling me a made-up story all about it. I tell Pat to hang on while this guy dictates our alleged cheeseburger experience.

I think I only barely managed to correct him before hanging up and walking away from this guy before buying a cheeseburger because I got hungry.

There was a lot of black ice though.
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